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Revolutionizing Quality Engineering for Validating the Life Insurance Value Chain
The life insurance industry grapples with numerous quality-related challenges stemming from intricate, multi-variant processes, limitations in traditional testing methods, and the risks associated with production defect leakages. This white paper articulates these pressing issues…
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Security Measures to Prevent Overwhelming Odds
The world of life insurance and annuities is dynamic, and data driven. Insurers handle sensitive personal, financial and confidential information, making this sector a prime target for cybercrime. Furthermore, as the industry continues to shift towards digitalization to…
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On-Demand Webinars

Revolutionizing Life Insurance Product Development
Revolutionizing life insurance product development involves adopting innovative strategies to meet changing consumer needs. The life insurance industry grapples with numerous quality-related challenges stemming from intricate, multi-variant processes, limitations…
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Generate Test Efficiencies by Leveraging QMT
This webinar focuses on enhancing testing efficiencies through the use of QMT. The agenda covers various topics, starting with an overview of the software testing timeline from 2000 to the present. Manual testing, the oldest form of testing, has evolved alongside more…
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Importance of Collaboration Tools in Software Delivery
Today’s software delivery landscape is shaped by a multitude of factors driving advancements in the field. From the widespread adoption of Agile methodologies and cloud-native technologies to the emergence of DevSecOps principles and microservices architecture, software…
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Episode #1: QA Automation in Motion for the Insurance Industry
The transition from manual to automated QA testing in the insurance industry is transforming the field. Automated testing utilizes software tools to execute test cases, replacing the need for manual human intervention. This evolution promises enhanced efficiency, consistency…
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Episode #2: Digitization and QA for the Insurance Industry
The digitization process in the insurance industry has been a gradual but significant transformation over the past couple of decades. The insurance industry began adopting digital technologies to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and improve overall.…
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Episode #3: Unveiling the Power of Knowledge Graphs
The conversation underscores how knowledge graphs facilitate the ability to map complex flows and traverse them rapidly, driving automation into test case and data generation, while the visualization makes it easier for non-developers to understand…
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Episode #4: Minimum and Maximum Test Case Generation
In this episode of the Emtech Group Podcast, our guests elaborate on the concepts of minimum and maximum test case generation for ensuring comprehensive testing coverage. They explain that while maximum test coverage aims to test every single combination of…
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Case Study

Learn how an Insurance Carrier transformed testing with QMT’s groundbreaking approach
Mantissa Group initiated a case study on a highly specialized approach to testing software systems and quality assurance (QA), known as QMT. Mantissa was able to observe this solution in practice for a US Life Insurance carrier and see the results firsthand.
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