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Episode #1: QA Automation in Motion for the Insurance Industry


In this episode of the Emtech Group Podcast, listen to our guests discuss Quality Assurance (QA) Automation. The conversation about QA in the insurance industry occupies a unique position, arising in discussions across departments and at all levels of the organization. Though its role may seem ambiguous at times, QA’s purpose is clear – to ensure processes adhere to standards, identify risks or issues, and drive continuous improvement. By assessing policies, procedures, and service delivery through audits and reviews, QA provides objective oversight that protects the interests of both insurers and policyholders. While conversations regarding QA may drift between operations, compliance, and executive strategy, its presence permeates the insurance ecosystem. Ultimately, conscientious QA practices demonstrate an insurer’s commitment to stability, accountability, and excellence.

The transition from manual to automated QA testing in the insurance industry is transforming the field. Automated testing utilizes software tools to execute test cases, replacing the need for manual human intervention. This evolution promises enhanced efficiency, consistency, and coverage. By leveraging automation, QA teams can scale testing and detect defects earlier in the development lifecycle. The automation shift enables QA to keep pace with modern delivery speeds. Organizations that embrace automated QA are well-positioned to deliver higher quality products at speed. This transition is bringing new capabilities to QA that were previously out of reach.

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