About us

Emtech Group Inc (ETG) is the leading provider of enterprise software quality engineering solutions for validating insurance carrier value chains. Our customers are enabled to deliver quality products while avoiding the expensive and embarrassing consequences from the exposure of production defect leakage.

About us

The work ethic of our team is strong.

We aim to simplify the ever more complex process of launching a new insurance product.

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Let’s chat about what you are looking to build and see if our validating software is a good fit for the project.

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We will review all the specifics of your project and talk about the optimal ways to validate your new product.

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We will guide you through the entire process, from software installation to validating your insurance product step-by-step.

We live to validate products
We are passionate about helping launch new insurance products and our validating software will assist you in bringing your product quickly to market.

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