Emtech Group Podcast

Episode #3: Unveiling the Power of Knowledge Graphs


In this episode of the Emtech Group Podcast, our guests delve into the transformative potential of knowledge graphs when applied to quality assurance across the insurance industry value chain. They draw on diverse experiences to highlight the parallels between traditional methods, such as flow charts in IVR systems, to leveraging knowledge graph for quality assurance automated testing. Their discussion emphasizes the move towards the use of knowledge graphs for comprehensive coverage and flexibility in testing workflows. They highlight the benefits of knowledge graphs in enabling collaboration across different teams and domains, without requiring specialized programming knowledge.

The conversation underscores how knowledge graphs facilitate the ability to map complex flows and traverse them rapidly, driving automation into test case and data generation, while the visualization makes it easier for non-developers to understand. Despite not being explicitly labeled as such in the past, Jeff and Spencer demonstrate the value of the knowledge graph approach in streamlining processes and fostering collaboration.

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Gary Tyreman