Emtech Group Announces Groundbreaking Approach to Validate Life Insurance Value Chains

QMT Eliminates Embarrassing Errors Post-Product Launch

October 31, 2023, InsureTech Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada – Emtech Group Inc, the leading provider of enterprise QA software, today announced QMT, an innovative approach to validate life insurance value chains. QMT enables the business process flow of the insurance policy life cycle to be captured within a visual, interconnected model that unlocks full test coverage. By testing the end-to-end process of life insurance systems, and the integrations between them, carriers can drive quality into product launches and eliminate embarrassing errors experienced by distributors and customers, post-launch.

The insurance industry is undergoing considerable change with pressure to catch up with digitization to meet evolving business requirements. QMT’s knowledge graph model approach enables a codeless method to testing business logic and workflow. The model automates the generation of test cases and data by traversing the knowledge graph which produces all possible combinations of the business logic. QMT is simple to use and manage allowing model development to be done by QA team members or extended to a new group of well-informed technical business analysts who understand the business flow.

QMT is in production use at a 100-year-old US life insurance carrier with the following representative business outcomes: 30x increase in automated test coverage vs. traditional manual testing methods; Shift from approximately 30 test scenarios to more than 35,000 test cases covering all key permutations; 80% reduction in FTE demand for QA capabilities due to increasing the level of automation; Shift from approximately 2,500 manual person-hours to 30 hours of automated testing runtime at a lower economic run rate.

Mantissa was able to observe QMT in production at a US Life Insurance carrier and see the results firsthand. This modern method of software testing is yielding strong results, vastly increasing test coverage, and improving quality outcomes,” said Don Desiderato, CEO and Founder of Mantissa Group LLC, a strategy consulting firm serving the CIO executive and their extended leadership teams. “As Life & Annuity business and technology executives look to implement their multi-year strategic plan and execute against its technology roadmap, it is imperative that quality assurance is positioned as a strategic enabler.”

“Emtech’s exposure to extensive quality engineering use cases across numerous industries, fueled our experience to apply a novel model-based approach to quality engineering,” said Toni Jardini, Chief Innovation Officer, Emtech Group, Inc. “By working hand-in-hand with the end-user we were able to provide a solution that drove robust product deliveries and eliminate risks from defects.”

About Emtech Group, Inc.

Emtech Group Inc is the leading provider of enterprise software quality engineering solutions for validating insurance value chains for Insurance Carriers, Insurtechs and software vendors. Our customers are enabled to deliver quality products while avoiding the expensive and embarrassing consequences of the exposure of production defect leakage. Emtech Group drives key business outcomes for IT and transforms the way testing is completed, coverage is achieved, and the business partners with IT.

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