QMT is a groundbreaking tool that’s revolutionizing life insurance product development

Improved Product Launches

With QMT, insurers can release high-quality software faster, gaining a competitive edge by bringing products to market more quickly and efficiently.

Full Coverage at a Fraction of the Cost

By minimizing manual testing efforts and detecting defects early in the development cycle, QMT reduces operational costs associated with software defects and rework.

Extend the Architecture

QMT expedites the testing process for insurance software, reducing time spent on manual testing and allowing faster deployment of updates and new features.

Eliminate Day 2 Issues

QMT ensures improve customer satisfaction by providing smoother interactions, faster claims processing, and fewer errors.

Shift Left, All the Way

Integration with CI/CD pipelines allows automated tests to be seamlessly incorporated into the development workflow.

Secure and Control the Environment

QMT is aligned with SOC 2 attestation and HIPAA compliance, reducing compliance risks and potential penalties.

Evolving QA with QMT

QMT enables QA professionals to focus on what matters most by automating repetitive tasks


Models are constructed based on business logic, requirements, and flows, eliminating the need for hiring contractors to meet inflexible deadlines.


Test cases are generated, eliminating the need for tedious planning of test case steps.


The folder structure comprehensively records the entire test cycle, eliminating any inconsistencies in archiving code and scripts.


Test coverage begins at 100%, eliminating the variability of manual testing coverage.


Full test coverage generated, Analysts now opt in and measure what’s tested instead of relying on subjective QA planning based on what’s “important” to the business.


Early detection of defects in lower environments, eliminating untested business logic and preventing production issues.


Workflow or code changes only necessitate model updates, eliminating the need for constant rewriting of test cases and automation scripts.


Continuous testing of daily and pipeline builds replaces selective happy path smoke testing.


Test the entire business process instead of focusing solely on common paths.


  • System: Windows 10 or 11
  • Memory: Minimum 8GB
  • Storage: 10GB
  • Browser Support: Chrome, Edge, Firefox
  • Integrations: Jira, Jenkins

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